Akestra™ - Upgrading recycled PET with irresistible resistance

Perstorp's solutions enable customers to enhance recycled PET by adding heat resistance performance and also achieve sustainability targets by increasing recycled material content and enabling design for circularity.

Through value-driven and customer focused innovation Perstorp develops competitive alternatives for the packaging industry. We offer a circular packaging solution, that reduce carbon footprint and ensure food safety as well as enable resource efficiency. This solution gives you the possibility to achieve your present and future sustainability targets. 


Boost recycled PET by adding Akestra™* and get glass-like appearance and heat resistance up to 90°C. By upgrading RPET, food packaging applications no longer need virgin plastics like polystyrene. By enhancing the usability of recycled PET Akestra™ makes your products more circular and sustainable. Akestra™ can be used in food contact applications and complies both with FDA and EU regulations for direct food contact.

*Akestra™ is currently available in Europe only.

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Business Development Manager, Advanced Materials

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Performance advantages

  • Design of circular thin wall food packaging solutions* for hot-fill applications
  • Glass-like transparency and heat resistance up to 100°C
  • Tunable performance characteristics
* Post-consumer recycling of tray packaging solutions with Akestra™ have been verified at commercial scale

Business advantages

  • Future proof circular solution with up to 90% PCR content

Circular packaging

The Technical Committee of the Tray Circularity Evaluation Platform (TCEP) of PETCORE Europe has officially endorsed the use of Akestra™ 100 and Akestra™ 110.

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Food compliant & fire classified

Perstorp's key monomer in Akestra™ holds both the positive opinion of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and top class plastic fire classification B according to EN13501-1

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Two certifications saying that Akestra is food contact compliant and fire classified

Jivan Ibrahim

Business Development Manager, Advanced Materials

+46 40 635 88 85

Contact me